A Spring in Our Step: Going Barefoot

A Spring in Our Step: Going Barefoot

Just as spring begins to unfurl from the cold winter months, we can again begin to turn to nature to find balance and harness Earth's healing energy. Earthing, or grounding, involves being outside in nature, barefoot and allowing your skin to connect with the ground beneath your feet. Whether you wriggle your toes in the soft sand, paddle in the ocean, stroll across a field or through pretty forests, you can reconnect with nature. 

There is nothing simpler than grounding or earthing to increase your overall sense of calm and wellbeing. Years of research have shown that walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can relieve and diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments that might mar your day. When your bare feet or skin come in contact with the Earth, free electrons of energy enter your body. Electrons are nature's most significant antioxidants. They help neutralize the damaging free radicals that can cause disease and inflammation.

The therapeutic practice of grounding is built on the belief that electrical charges from the Earth can positively affect your body through conductivity, particularly your immune system. Specialists believe that grounding can help increase your serotonin levels, which helps release anxiety and makes you feel lighter and happier.

Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing, remarkably likens grounding to the dancing specks, on a pre-digital television. He says, "To stop this interference, the cable companies ground and shield the entire cable system in every home to prevent extraneous electromagnetic signals and fields from interfering with the transmission carried through the cable. This not only provides the viewer with a perfect picture, it prevents the signals from within the cable system from disturbing police radio or TV station transmissions."  

Our bodies are composed mainly of minerals and water, which easily harmonize with the energy radiating from the Earth. The harnessed energy can help stabilize your body's natural biological rhythms, eliminate pain and slow down the ageing process. By accepting these energy upgrades from Earth, your body will be able to repair itself. Therefore, you'll experience better well-being, vitality and sleep better. There are many benefits of introducing an earthing session into your daily mindfulness practices. 


Just like you practice journaling, allow 30-minutes each day to be at one with the Earth. Take a barefoot walk to contact with grass, sand, soil, or natural bodies of water such as streams, lakes, and seas. Feel contented and thrive as you harness the ancient healing energies of Mother Earth. Enjoy the spring in your step as you welcome in the new season.

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