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Women Who Make a House a Home

This Mother’s Day, we’re shining a spotlight on the special women in our lives that make us feel truly at home. Filling spaces with passion, personality and warmth, they breathe life and joy into everything they touch. Here are just a few wonderful ways in which they do so…

1. Honoring heritage & history

Styled from the heart, interiors can tell a family’s story – from the very beginning, right up to present day. Choosing to give artefacts and heirlooms pride of place, shares a lovely insight into what matters most, and celebrates the generations that came before us and made us who we are today. Antiques are so much more than just keepsakes; they are storytellers and weave narratives wherever they are placed.

“My mom infused her Western roots into our childhood home, from designing our living room with an original Stark antelope-print carpet nearly 30+ years ago to adorning the walls and surfaces with vintage artwork and ‘found’ items from our families’ ranch. Each room is eclectic and unique, paying homage to our family’s Wyoming heritage and her love for the West.” Taylor C

2. Styling with sentiment

A house is a blank canvas, while a home is full of character. Walls serve as your own personal gallery and surfaces a museum for your curated collections. Candid snapshots, hand-picked paintings, holiday postcards and meaningful objects are guaranteed to conjure up cherished memories and inject soul into a space. Decorate with meaning. Furnish with feeling. Style with sentiment. 

“My mum is a skilled artist and passionate about art in general. The walls of her house are a timeline of all the places we have lived and travelled, through the medium of paint, print and collage. Not to mention, the windowsills are framed with photographs of treasured family moments.” Sophie V

3. Going that extra mile

The most welcoming homes are nurtured and well looked after. They grow along with the family. Just like a mother’s love, nothing is too much. No gesture too indulgent, no corner left forgotten. Vases filled with fresh flowers take up permanent residence on the coffee table. No sink is complete without a spa-quality hand wash. And, don’t forget a signature scent for a touch of nostalgia. 

“Whenever I’m visiting, my mum leaves my favourite candle burning to greet me when I arrive. It makes me feel right at home and, whenever I smell it somewhere else, I am instantly transported back. The power of scent to evoke memories is like nothing else.” – Sophie V

4. Finding beauty in the everyday

Simply put, everything is just better at home. It feels better, it tastes better – nothing compares. The comfort and warmth of being around family takes simple moments and makes them extra special. From the feeling of waking up in crisp sheets to catching up over a morning coffee and reminiscing late into the night, it’s all about the art of living slowly and savoring every second you have together

"My mom has a magical way of turning our humble house into a cherished home. The simple act of setting the table for every meal is a tradition passed down the generations. Through these daily rituals, I am reminded of the unique magic my mother brings to our home, making every meal a celebration of love and connection." – Caroline K

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