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Scenting Spaces for a Welcoming Home

Truly transformative, fragrance has the power to transport the senses and lift your mood. Whether warm and inviting, or fresh and restorative, your scent selection can upgrade any space for the most welcoming home

It welcomes...

There’s nothing like a beautiful aroma to create an unforgettable ambience. Make a great first impression and greet guests in the hallway with a sensational scent. We love to leave fragrant potpourri and a candle burning on a nearby console. It instantly invites them in and creates a cozy feel, whatever the time of day or year! 

It relaxes...

Transform your bathroom into an at-home spa with scents that restore, revive and re-energize. Wonderfully powerful and mood enhancing, woody notes are renowned for having a calming quality while citrus is linked to boosting energy. Enhance bathing rituals with one of our nourishing, handcrafted soaps or bath oils. And, why not add candlelight to your daily skincare routine? 

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It transports...

Relive special memories and bring that favourite vacation home with fragrance that ignites nostalgia. Recreate a sunny day in Provence, under the canopy of a Caprifig tree, and reminisce about the way the balmy breeze felt against your skin. Or burn incense in our stunning Paix Intention Set and find yourself in Asia – no passport required. 

How to care for your candles

1. Keep candles away from direct sunlight.

2. Trim the wicks to 5mm after use and always use a proper wick trimmer.

3. Try to burn them for a maximum of 1-2 hours at a time, so they last longer and keep their shape.

4. Extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer to avoid damaging the wick.

5. Use a candle lid when not in use to protect from dust and sunlight.

6. For candles that don’t come in a ceramic or glass vessel, use a candle plate to protect surfaces. 

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