Simple Ways to Create Your Own Sunshine

Simple Ways to Create Your Own Sunshine

As we make our way through the Spring and into the Summer, we take a moment to be grateful for these sunny seasons and their glowing warmth. And through our appreciation we remember that sunshine can also be created from within, regardless if the sky is clear or cloudy. Here are a few simple ways we love to add sunshine to our days, lift our spirits, and brighten our moods. 

# 1. 

Soak in a peaceful bath

# 2. 

Fill a vase with fresh, cheerful blooms

# 3. 

Spread love to someone else— send a handwritten card or offer to make breakfast in bed

# 4. 

Try a new recipe or bake an old favourite

# 5. 

Light a candle

# 6. 

Energize and hydrate with a nutritious green smoothie

# 7. 

Jot down a few reasons that you're grateful today

# 8. 

Curl up in a cosy blanket with your favourite cup of tea

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