Woman in field in summer with linen fabric

5 Reasons to Love: Linen

Considered a wonder fabric for good reason, find out why this versatile textile deserves a place in your home

A woman in a field in summer with linen fabric

1. It’s derived naturally

Produced using the entirety of the flax plant, linen fibers are grown free of GMOs and require little to no irrigation, relying only on rainfall.

2. It’s sustainably sourced

None of the flax plant is wasted in the production of linen. The plant can also grow in low quality soil and replenishes nutrients into the ground, improving the conditions for future crops. What’s more, the fibers are completely biodegradable, too.

3. It’s breathable & temperature regulating

Renowned for keeping you cool in Summer and warm in Winter, linen is a good choice year-round. Championing comfort and style, this timeless textile is a worthwhile investment with no expiry date.

4. It’s durable & long lasting

Linen is famed for its strength. 30% stronger than conventional cotton, the fibers improve and become softer with every wash, without losing their durability. Crafted to be loved and last, our pieces stand the test of time.

5. It’s effortless & carefree

Wonderfully relaxed, linen does not seek perfection. It is a lived-in fabric that embraces the everyday. With a beautifully nubby quality, the beauty lies in the weave, with no need to iron. Creases only add to its charm…

Linen fabric blowing in the wind
Woman in a field of flowers

Linen for Living

The plush pillow

An absolute must for the discerning decorator, our handmade cushions are available in both square and lumbar shapes for multiple styling options. In ivory and sage, they bring warmth and texture to any setting.

The pampering piece

Thick yarn has been looped to create this rich fibered linen bath mitten. Antibacterial and self-cleaning, place your hand inside and use a bar of soap for a luxurious lathering experience.

The everyday essential

Crafted from sustainably sourced organic linen and created in Lithuania, our tea towel has a romantic ruffle edge and stunning, stonewashed finish. Anything but ordinary, it will elevate daily rituals in the kitchen.

The stylish starter

Woven from the finest Italian linen, our bread sack is soft to the touch. With an interior lining and structural, folded hems, hold anything from baked goods and fruit to potted plants. It’s so versatile.

The mealtime must-have

Made from 100% linen, our Sonoma cloth napkin celebrates simple and elegant design. Ideal for both casual and formal dining, they’re as beautiful when crumpled as they are freshly pressed. 

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