A Mother's Day Note from Our Founder

A Mother's Day Note from Our Founder

A note from our founder Becca Casey on motherhood, designing her daughter's nursery with intention, and nurturing a legacy that honors Mother Earth.

I dreamt up the nursery of my daughter, long before we expected her. Nostalgic notes were always a part of my vision for the space. Dainty wallpaper, buttery creams with hints of peach and pinks, and collected textiles to create a space that will grow with her over time. We added a built in day-bed for her to transition to as the years go by, and every time I walk by this space it feels like pure sunshine. As her mother I only hope that she will love the space as much as I do for many years to come and that it serves as a world of inspiration, femininity, and wonder.

I have found that I go through phases where I curate collections of pieces. Before my daughter was born, I always had a love for bunnies and as I collected different mediums of artwork displaying bunnies (never quite knowing where they would end up), once I became pregnant with a little girl, I knew just where they belonged. A more recent collection I have started, are a curation of antique pewter frames. All with different motifs, etchings, and framework, they display special moments in time and sit beautifully atop her dresser. With these pieces, I hope she holds onto them over the years to one day display in her own home and pass on to the next generation.

Mother nature is at the core of the Ayr Barns brand. Not only because we care deeply about the imprint we leave, but because we hope to create a better world for our children. By teaching them that we are all interconnected and parts of a greater whole, it instills an innate practice to nurture and observe whats around them. Our aim is to live and work in harmony with nature, and reap its benefits.

As a brand, Ayr Barns hopes to plant seedlings along the way for our children and their children to follow and nurture, creating a better world and better future for the next generation.

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