The Artisan Homeware Edit

The Artisan Homeware Edit

We’ve searched far and wide for the very best designers, makers and creators to bring you pieces rich in tradition, high in quality and utterly unique in nature.

1. The Double-Handle Board

Celebrating Italian carpentry, our sustainable serveware is crafted with reclaimed wood from ancient churches, disused farms and centuries-old estates. A one of-a-kind addition, this dining essential highlights traditional woodworking techniques. You’ll notice the exquisite dovetail detail used to attach the handles. While honoring the rustic grain, skilled makers have ensured a smooth, refined finish suitable for displaying your gourmet cheeses and crackers.

2. The Soay Throw Pillow

Scouring the globe for only the finest materials, our textured cushions are woven from wild sheep’s wool and cotton twill. Handcrafted in Colombia using age-old weaving techniques, the organic weft lends each pillow a wonderfully tactile handle. Available in ivory or a marled finish, they’re a cozy and tactile accent to any room.

3. The Bobble Bottom Glass

In collaboration with Bitters Co., our versatile vessel brings beautiful Mexican craftsmanship into the spotlight and onto your table. From their 1920s barn in northwest Washington, the sister duo blend their designs with the skills of expert female artisans, promoting small-scale producers and creating unique artisanal homeware. No two are the same and that’s what makes them so special.

4. The Secret Immortelle Candle

Handpoured by renowned Maison Carrée, the fragrance house is famed for formulating scents born from the alchemy of the water, sun and earth of Provence. Inspired by the light and beauty of Mediterranean landscapes, as well as its traditions and memories, this candle has the power to transport the mind to the slopes of Pagnol with notes of spicy amber, cypress and rose.

5. The Sasawashi Olive Soap

Churned and perfected into small batches out of a workshop in Japan, our bright and soothing soap is a must-have accessory for every bathroom and kitchen sink. Made with organic, plant-based ingredients derived from the kumazasa plant, it is gentle and hydrating on hands.

Handmade, handcrafted, handwoven – these skilled artisans have put their heart and soul into creating our heritage pieces, and in turn, breathing life into your home. 

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