Creative Gift Giving: Block Stamped Wrapping Paper

Creative Gift Giving: Block Stamped Wrapping Paper

Add a thoughtful touch to your holiday gifts with hand-stamped wrapping paper— a sustainable, creative, and kid-friendly craft idea to add a bit of whimsy to your festive celebrations. 

Read on for an easy step-by-step guide to create block-stamped wrapping paper for the holidays, and continue below for more inspiration for festive decorations using our favourite pieces from Ayr Barns.

How to make hand-stamped wrapping paper for the holidays:

1.  Roll out Kraft paper, a renewable and recyclable packaging material.
2. Using readily available block stamps and ink, create a pattern on the Kraft paper— we opted for wintry branches.
3. Allow to dry before cutting the paper and wrapping your gift.
4. Complete your wrapping with a velvet ribbon, and attach a brass bell or felt ornaments for a thoughtful finishing touch.

Use velvet ribbon to attach felt ornaments to your holiday gift wrapping for a touch of whimsy

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