Fall is in the Ayr: Our Fall Rituals

Fall is in the Ayr: Our Fall Rituals

We’ve all felt it; that slight tinge of chill claiming the air in the recent days as we say, “So long” to summer and welcome fall into our lives once again. 

As the seasons transform, so do our nests, changing from the airy oasis of summers spent shamelessly embracing the sun and remembering times that lacked complication. 

As cooler days approach, we at Ayr Barns welcome the end of summer, the end of the year, and the start to something new, as we invite you to make our home your own. 

Our fall collection offers a thoughtful array of well appointed pieces to compliment your cozy as the warm blankets (past, present, and...future?) and sweaters come out after being stashed away for so many days. 

We welcome fall and the days ahead of baking, sharing warm cocktails with friends and family, nights spent sitting beside the fireplace, book in hand, kettle warming on the stove, and can’t help but feel hopeful for the future.

The Autumnal Equinox is always a favorite time of year for everyone here at Ayr Barns. As the seasons change, the balancing of day and night is a gentle reminder to find harmony in our lives, reflect on the years past, while looking forward to what’s still ahead. 

For this year, we’re sharing some of our most treasured rituals that we keep to reflect, take inventory, and show gratitude for all of our various accomplishments, and milestones that we have been graced with since Ayr Barns was conceptualized.

1. Gathering for a Meal

More so a habit than a ritual, we have learned the importance of sharing a table with our most near and dear. As many of us are long separated from friends, family and colleagues, we cherish any opportunity to gather and share food, stories, and a glass of wine. Whether that be within arms reach, or virtually.

2. Expressing Gratitude
Now, more than ever, we have been feeling the need to reflect and take inventory of the things we’re grateful for, as so many things we once took for granted have now become luxuries; whether that be our work, proximity to nature, or our well appointed homes.     

3. Restoring Balance to the Home 

As we settle into our nests for the fall, having enjoyed the outdoors during the warmer months, we use this time as a chance to reconnect with our homes and act on projects we’ve been putting off, reassessing the functionality of our spaces. 

We’re approaching this year as a year of replenishment to ensure that our spaces are in tip-top shape and prepared for the months ahead of us. We’ll be clearing out the linen closets, turning out the contents of our kitchen cabinets, and diving into each crevice of the house to reduce, clutter, and replenish as needed. 

4. Create Something New 

A hungry mind must always be fed; especially during the colder months. We’ll not only be taking on some exciting new projects, but extending invitations to you all to join us as we craft meals, gifts, and some DIY decor for the season. We hope to see you join us! 

As with our beautiful collection, this list is very much our own, and in no way exhaustive or absolute. Just as we love seeing how our pieces are styled once they reach your homes, we’d love to hear what your rituals are for the Autumnal Equinox. 

As always, please feel free to leave a comment sharing what you’ll be doing to prepare for the season of nesting, or drop us an email to say hi; we always love hearing from you!     

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