Gathering for a Meal: Fall Rituals

Gathering for a Meal: Fall Rituals

This year, while we haven’t had too many opportunities to put on our host hats (we’ve made up for it by wearing our sun hats extra often) this year, we have welcomed the advent of outdoor dining and dinner parties in our individual gardens and parks as the summer came and went. 

For this reason, the ritual of gathering for a meal has always held a special place in our lives and inspired the choices we've made for the incredible collection that we offer each season. 

Despite not being able to dine out as often as we'd like to in recent history, we look forward to taking any opportunity to have guests over and utilize every tool at our disposal to set our guests at ease, and provide them an elegant dining experience where their only worry is whether they've left room for the next course.

Whether our guests are warmed by an open fire, or the setting sun, we will always be warmed by their utter delight when they first set eyes upon their names on the place settings, and our tables, adorned by our beautiful linens, pottery and flatware, creating a magical experience for all those involved.

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