Farrow & Ball Paint Colours: Favourite Hues from Becca Interiors Design Projects

Farrow & Ball Paint Colours: Favourite Hues from Becca Interiors Design Projects

Ayr Barns founder Becca Casey, owner of the interior design firm Becca Interiors, shares her favourite Farrow & Ball paint colours used in select Becca Interiors projects. Discover everything from classic white to bold hues, and top picks for painting walls, cabinetry, moulding, and trim.

Read on to learn all the Farrow & Ball paint colours found in The Carriage House, Connecticut Country House, Southampton Surf Retreat, Darien Colonial, Hudson River Colonial, Bedford Colonial, and the Ayr Barns Westport Store design projects by Becca Interiors.

Classic White Paint Colours from Farrow & Ball

1. Darien Colonial Powder Room

2. Bedford Colonial Sitting Room

3. Darien Colonial Dining Nook

4. Bedford Colonial Primary Bedroom

5. The Carriage House Primary Bathroom

6. The Carriage House Primary Bedroom

Cabinetry Paint Colours from Farrow & Ball

7. Darien Colonial Kitchen Cabinetry

8. Ayr Barns Westport Store Cabinetry & Shelves

9. Darien Colonial Study Cabinetry

10. Hudson River Colonial Mudroom Cabinetry

Paint Colours for Trim and Moulding from Farrow & Ball

11. Connecticut Country House Girl's Bedroom Moulding

12. The Carriage House Family Room Moulding

13. The Carriage House Girl's Bedroom Moulding

14. Bedford Colonial Entry Trim

Bold Paint Colours from Farrow & Ball

15. Darien Colonial Living Room Walls and Trim

16. Bedford Colonial Boy's Bedroom

17. Darien Colonial Powder Room Walls and Trim

18. The Carriage House Boy's Bedroom

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