Our New Years Resolution: Sustainability

Our New Years Resolution: Sustainability

Ayr Barns was founded with a mindful desire and connection for sustainability with the earth – to live consciously, in harmony with nature and to respect the land that provides for us. We source objects for the home and body to inspire our community to be more connected: to themselves, to others and to the environment. We do so in tandem with craftspeople and communities who bring our collections to life in an ethically-minded and conscious way.

To guide our resolutions for the year ahead, we have outlined our three areas of focus: Returning to the soil, Package design, Community & collaboration.

Returning to the soil with each purchase..

Starting January 1st, 2022, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to donate a tree with each and every purchase made at Ayr Barns. Our hope? To continue to impact change for a greener earth and raise awareness of the critical issues faced with climate change. With each tree planted we are contributing to cleaner air, lessening of Carbon Dioxide due to deforestation, providing shelter and habitat to 80% of the worlds biodiversity, further education and research, and create careers to over 1.6 billion people. Although our impact is small, we hope that with your support towards our blossoming business, to only ever increase our commitments as the years progress.

Packaging design..

This year we are introducing an exciting package re-design that is completely eco conscious. Our orders will be shipped straight to you using materials that are 100% recyclable and compostable. Everything from the boxes to tissue paper has been thoughtfully design with our environmental impact in mind.

Supporting Small Businesses & Artisanal Crafts..

We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans and are incredibly passionate about preserving their skills, heritage and traditions. Craftsmanship enables and promotes a slow, considered way of producing, and offering quality over quantity and ensuring the final object is truly unique.

Starting this year, each product will highlight icons notating the qualities of each piece. Icons such as “ethically made”, “where its made”, and “small artisan made” will be some of the key factors attributed to each carefully sourced item.

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