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Though we keep the practice of expressing gratitude as a part of our daily rituals, we find this time of year is particularly conducive to counting our good fortunes. These come in many forms, and vary from person to person as we all have our own sets of values and priorities in our lives; which makes the practice that much more significant. For some this may take the form of showing gratitude for a lesson taught to us through a loved one, an opportunity that recently came into our lives, or simply for the presence of a particular person in our lives. 

The beauty of reflecting on these things is the plethora of different ways in which we can express ourselves to make it known that we recognize our good fortune, and ensure that we make those responsible aware of our appreciation. 

In keeping with our first ritual, food is a favorite way of ours to pay tribute to those who have graced and enhanced our lives in their own special ways. Baking, of course, is always a spectacular way to warm not only hearts, but homes, and we often find ourselves in the kitchen, mixing batter, and preparing special treats for those loved ones who have inspired us. And as much as some freshly baked bread, carefully nestled inside one of our bread sacks, speaks more than any words could, we are sure to keep delicate notes of individuals favorite confectionary treats to add an additional layer of notability to our baking efforts. 

Another timeless act of kindness and warmth is a gift of fresh flowers, either from the garden as the frost begins to set, or from your favorite local florist; carefully arranged and meticulously housed in our seville vase. We’re especially fond of flowers this late in the season, as they help to keep the home bright and full of new life as the days grow shorter and the temperatures grow cooler. They act as a reflection of the colours of the leaves outdoors as they cycle through their various hues, welcoming a time where we embrace cozy nights spent indoors; admiring the final bouquet of the summer as we warm by the fire.

Though we tend to shy away from gifting others homework, we have been known to send encouragement in the form of our birch linen apron to our craftiest of friends to support them in their kitchen endeavors; often receiving word of thanks when a particularly precious garment is saved from a splash or spill. It’s, in our opinion, one of the most necessary tools of the kitchen, and one that is so often overlooked when outfitting one’s cooking quarters. 

While a gift is not always the most necessary form of expressing gratitude to those you love, and a phone call, or letter, or simple acknowledgement can go a long way in making those special to us feel loved, we are personally huge proponents of giving gifts when the inspiration strikes. We tend to put as much thought into the what of the gifting process, as the who and why, and encourage you all to be mindful, thoughtful, and reflective in the coming weeks as we take inventory of our blessings.