Summer kitchen table with doors out to the garden

Summer Home Style Swaps

Make the most of sunshine living with our founder Becca’s top tips for transforming your home into a warm-weather haven. Transitioning with the seasons has never been more effortless…

1. Look to lighter layers

Introduce breathable cotton and linen for an airy and featherweight feel. The hero fabrics of Summer, both have temperature regulating properties, keeping you cool during humid months. That’s why, when it comes to cushions and towels, there’s simply no better choice. 

2. Choose warm hues

Mirror that sunshine feeling with brighter shades – from sand and beige to terracotta, beechwood and rattan. A welcome contrast to another warm-weather favourite – white – they instantly lift a room with a palette reminiscent of the Mediterranean. 

3. Embrace the outdoors

Gather greenery and seasonal blooms to fill your home with the uplifting sight of nature. From a farmers’ market bouquet to foraged garden finds, we have the perfect vase for any arrangement. We love displaying foliage on an entryway console or as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

4. Accent with natural lighting

Fling the windows and doors wide open and let the sun stream through. There’s nothing like a touch of vitamin D to lift your mood and spirit. As dusk falls, enhance sunsets and summer evenings with the warm glow of tealights. Our Tilly Hurricane Silo will keep burning into the night, too. 

5. Bring the holiday home

Transport the senses and recreate your favourite vacation spot with our Provence-inspired scents and pampering, five-star accessories. Whether in your hallway, by the bedside or in the bathroom for a spa-like feel, transform any corner with candles, incense and wellness treats. 

6. Grow & graze alfresco

From a homegrown vegetable patch to herb pots on the patio or balcony, sample and savor seasonal flavours. Armed with one of our sunhats and lace-up wellies, our Kent Weekend Bag is ideal for gathering garden goodies for earth-to-table suppers. Then serve them up on our Olivos Platter, made for sharing. 

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