Lauryn Soden of STEMS+CO Shares Her Top Tips for Creating Your Own Floral Arrangements

Lauryn Soden of STEMS+CO Shares Her Top Tips for Creating Your Own Floral Arrangements

Spread love this season and express your creativity by designing floral arrangement that is sure to brighten any day. Following our event at Ayr Barns Westport in collaboration with Lauryn Soden of STEMS+CO, we've compiled Lauren's top tips for creating a beautiful and lasting floral arrangement at home.

Read on to learn more and shop vases and vessels from Ayr Barns. 

Lauryn Soden's Tips to Make Your Floral Arrangement Last:

- When you get your flowers home, trim the stems a half-inch from the bottom at a 45-degree angle. This provides more surface area for your flowers to drink from, helping them hydrate better.

- Remove any greenery from the stem when placing it in water to extend life and keep fresh, this will help with bacteria build up in the water.

- Change water every 3-4 days or so, and give the stems a fresh cut.

- Unlike when they are growing in the field, cut flowers don’t fare well in direct sunlight or heat. Be sure to keep them at room temperature and out of the sun.

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Floral Arrangement at Home:

Vessel Choice 

A taller vase with a smaller diameter is perfect for an entry arrangement where you are looking for more height. We recommend nestled bud vases or a lower arrangement for a dining table. A 5 inch diameter is a good starting point for a low centerpiece arrangement vase.


Work in odd numbers when bundling bud vases. Look at the table and aim to be less contrived with the placement so it feels more organic and natural. Staggering budvases versus placing them directly in a row is a nice touch.


Every season lends itself to new beauty, growth and change. Whether it's florals in the Spring or winter greens in Winter, look right outside you for inspiration. Bring nature inside.

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