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Holiday at Home

We all crave that sunshine feeling year-round, so why not bring your favourite vacation spot back with you? From warm-weather approved textiles to pampering accessories and nostalgic scents, follow these 5 steps for staycation style… no passport required! 

1. Make your bedroom feel like a hotel

Design a sleep sanctuary reminiscent of one of the finest five stars with luxurious layers for the bed. First step? Plenty of pillows! The more the better. Choose whether you’d like to stack or prop them – we think the latter really creates a hotel-worthy look. Then add decorative cushions – a mix of square and lumbar makes for a stylish contrast. Next, place a beautiful throw at the end of the bed. From classic monochrome to a ditsy block print, it’s the perfect way to set the tone and theme of the room. Last, but not least, upgrade bedsides with a stunning accent lamp (or wall sconce), an elegant bud vase and a sleek carafe. With a bedroom this blissful, you’ll be dreaming like you’re on holiday in no time. 

Spa bathroom with free standing bath tub and wood cladding
Luxurious all-white bathroom with freestanding bath tub

2. Turn your bathroom into a spa

Welcome wellness into your home with a vacation-like retreat. Synonymous with holidays, there’s no denying the benefits of rest and relaxation to help recharge and re-energize. So why not prioritize your wellbeing at home, too? Select a soothing palette of bright white and warming neutrals to instantly exude a sense of calm. Enhance bathing rituals and unwind well with pampering spa accessories. Our bath oil, salts and polish make up the perfect three-step routine and will give skin that post-vacation glow. Then complete the experience with fluffy towels and a super-soft bath mat that cocoon you in comfort. 

3. Transform your garden into an alfresco oasis

From a humble balcony or small patio to a sprawling lawn, size doesn’t matter when it comes to recreating a holiday haven at home. Think cobbled Mallorquin courtyard or landscaped Tuscan gardens, filled with cypress, lavender and rosemary. Find the perfect spot for a European-inspired bistro table to enjoy your coffee in the morning and savor sundowners in the evenings. We love the idea of growing your own herbs to create garden-to-table suppers and aromatic-infused cocktails. 

4. Travel the world from your dining table

When it comes time to eat, recreate a favourite dish from a treasured vacation spot. Just because you’re at home, it doesn’t mean your taste buds can’t travel. From a seafood paella to the freshest pomodoro pasta or sizzling prawn saganaki, jet-set this summer with a varied menu celebrating all the greats. If you’ve exhausted your repertoire and are looking for more inspiration, our INSPIRE blog is full of mouth-watering recipes. We particularly love our founder Becca’s Citrus Olive Oil Cake. Inspired by the sun-soaked orange groves of the Mediterranean, each bite will fill you with that holiday feeling.

You’ll need…

For the cake

3 oranges

1 cup of sugar

¼ cup of yoghurt

3 eggs

1 ¼ cups of all-purpose flour

1 ½ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

¼ tsp salt

2/3 cup quality olive oil

For the frosting

¼ cup mascarpone

1 tsp orange zest

1 cup of heavy whipping cream

1 tbsp sugar

Head to the blog for the step-by-step method.

Woman walking in field on sunny Summer day with blue skies
Woman walking barefoot in Summer meadow field

5. Transport the senses in every room

Reminisce and relive special moments by bringing the vacation home with fragrance that ignites nostalgia. Imagine a Summer's day in Provence, under the canopy of a beautiful Caprifig tree, and you’ll almost be able to feel the balmy breeze against your skin. Our scented candles and soaps are expertly handmade in France and inspired by the surrounding landscape. Or burn incense in our stunning Paix Intention Set and find yourself in Asia – no airport queues required. 

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